G6. VPStudio 2 software

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The VPFlowScope M can be readout and configured with the VPStudio 2 software. This software can be downloaded from www.vpinstruments.com.

VPStudio 2 is available for Windows.
It has been tested on version: Windows 7, 8 and 10.

2. Connect VPFlowScope to the computer

Your VPFlowScope can be connected to the computer and VPStudio 2 with USB. With VPStudio 2 you can configure and readout the device. In chapter B1.3  it is explained how to connect the VPFlowScope M to the computer.

3. Functionalities VPStudio 2

VPStudio 2 provides you with all kind of functionalities in order to communicate with your VPFlowScope M.

4. VPStudio 2 manual

A short the VPStudio 2 manual can be found in the VPStudio 2 software itself.

  1. In the menu click “Help”.
  2. Click Help File.VPStudio - help file
  3. An HTML window with the manual opens. Use the menu on the left to navigate.

VPStudio - user manual

Updated on July 30, 2019

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