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B1. VPVision 4 introduction

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B1.1 Introduction

B1.2 Read this first 

B1.3 VPVision system overview

B1.4 Extendable

B1.5 Steps for implementation

B1.1 Introduction

VPVision remote monitoring visual

VPVision is a complete real-time energy monitoring solution that meets the demand of virtually any compressed air system. Thanks to the standardized hardware and modular software architecture it is uniquely scalable and adaptable for all utilities within your company. Get control of your usage and see the patterns on your supply and demand side. Take factual and well-founded decisions on your costs and investments. Reveal the consumption of all utilities, including compressed air, electricity, industrial gases, steam, vacuum, natural gas, wastewater, heating fuels, etc.

As VPVision is a web-based energy monitoring system it enables you to view all of your data remotely, with a VPN option for security, on any platform from PC to smartphone. It will help your organization to raise energy awareness among your staff. VPVision will be your guiding hand to target energy savings for individuals, teams, or at a company-wide level.

TIP iconBe aware that the new version of VPVision has just released, for more information about VPVision 5.2 can be found in the user manual

B1.2 Warnings: Read this first

Installing VPVision requires basic IT and network knowledge. You, and/or your IT department should be familiar with this knowledge.
Read and understand the user manuals of all equipment involved before commencing the installation or use.
All electrical installations are to be carried out by authorized electrical installation engineers only.
WARNING: 100…250 VAC. mains cables are present in the housing. Do not touch the cables and the power supply when the mains power is applied. Keep the housing closed and locked during normal operation. Check the cable glands on water tightness.

B1.3 VPVision system overview 

VPVision is an Ethernet-based energy monitoring system, where all collected data can be accessed in real-time from any connected PC, tablet or smartphone. The system exists of a powerful industrial hardware platform, the VPVision Main PC, on which the VPVision software is pre-installed. The VPVision Main PC hardware is installed on-premise, where it collects all the data and stores it securely.

A typical installation consists of the VPVision cabinet with multiple sensors connected via Ethernet or I/O converters for analog and Modbus sensors. Here is a quick overview of the entire installation with all connection possibilities:

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Updated on October 8, 2021

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