J3. VPFlowScope DP

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1. Specifications

Flow measurement (minimum detection level and max flow rate is shown)
 Flow range20 ,, 200 mn.sec65 .. 650 sfps
Accuracy2% of reading under calibration conditions.

Recommended pipe diameter: 50mm and up

 2% of reading under calibration conditions.

Recommended pipe diameter: 2 inch and up

 Reference conditions 0oC, 1013.25 mbar – DIN1343 32oF, 114.65 psi
 GasesCompressed air, non-aggressive gasses and non-combustible gasses, 95% non-condensing gases
Pressure sensor
 Range0 .. 16 bar gauge0 .. 250 psi gauge
Accuracy+/- 1.5% FSS (0 .. 60 oC) +/- 1.5% FSS (32 .. 140 oF)
Temperature sensor
Range-40 .. 150 oC -40 .. 302 oF
Accuracy+/- 1oC+/- 1.8 oF
TechnologyLiquid crystal
Back lightBlue with auto power save
Memory2.000.000 point memory
Probe length400 mm15.7 inch
Probe diameter12.7 mm0.5 inch
Process connectionCompression fittings, 0.5 inch, NPT thread
IP gradeIP52 when mated to display module

IP63 when mated to the connector cap

Wetted materialsAlu, SS316
Ambient temperature0 .. 60 oC32 .. 140 oF
Ambient humidity10 – 95%. Avoid condensation at all times
Inputs and outputs
Analog4 .. 20mA or pulse, selectable via installation software
Serial IOModbus RTU
Supply12 .. 24 VDC +/- 10% CLASS 2 (UL)
Power consumption150 mA at 24 VDC

2. Order information and accessories

Order codeFlow rangeOptionLengthOptionDisplay
VPS.R20020 to 200 mn/secP4DP400 mm lengthD0No display, No connector cap
D11Display + 2M point logger
D2Connector cap
KITComplete audit start kit
FeaturesDisplay featuresConnector types
Thermabridge Flow sensor Pressure, temperature sensor 4 .. 20mA / pulse output (switchable) Rs485 Modbus RTU Calibration report3 line display Keypad for configuration Multi-session data loggerM12, 5 pin for standard application
VPA.5000.005Cable, 5m / 16.4 ft with M12 5pin connector on one side, open wires on other side
VPA.5000.010Cable, 10m / 32.9 ft with M12 5pin connector on one side, open wires on another side
VPA.0000.200Power supply (12V, 5pin)
VPA.0030.100Power supply module in IP65 enclosure (230-110VAC to 24VDC)
VPA.5003.000RS485 to USB converter
VPA.5001.205JB5 interface kit with 5m / 16.4 ft cable + 24 VDC power supply + RS485 to USB converter
VPA.5100.004VPFlowScope DP set of 10 sinter filters and 10 o-rings
VPA.5100.003VPFlowScope DP set of 24 filters and 24 o-rings
VPA.0003.006Compression fitting for VPFlowScope 400mm DP probe with an adjustable integrated safety system
VPA.5001.900VPFlowScope connector cap with 5 pin M12
VPA.D100.000VPFlowScope display without data logger
VPA.D110.000VPFlowScope display with data logger
VPA.5030.020Modbus junction box (IP65)
Updated on September 16, 2020

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