G6. VPStudio 2 software

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There are multiple VPFlowScope’s that can be readout and configured with VPStudio 2 if a specific sensor can be read out with the software, check chapter H. This software can be downloaded from www.vpinstruments.com.

VPStudio 2 is available for Windows.
It has been tested on version: Windows 7, 8 and 10.
The next generation of VPStudio 3.0 will only be compatible with Windows 10.

2. Connect VPFlowScope to the computer

Your VPFlowScope can be connected to the computer and VPStudio 2 with a USB cable or the JB5 converter depending on your VPFlowScope type. With VPStudio 2 you can configure and readout the device. In chapter B1.3  it is explained how to connect your VPFlowScope to the computer.

3. Functionalities VPStudio 2

VPStudio 2 provides you with all kinds of functionalities in order to communicate with your VPFlowScopes.

4. VPStudio 2 manual

A short manual for VPStudio 2 can be found within the VPStudio 2 software itself.

  1. In the menu click “Help”.
  2. Click Help File.VPStudio - help file
  3. An HTML window with the manual opens. Use the menu on the left to navigate.

VPStudio - user manual

Updated on January 13, 2021

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