G11. Alarm output

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The VPFlowScope M and VPVision both feature an alarm option for condition monitoring. These alarm options can be configured in different ways, for the VPFlowScope M it can be done via VPStudio 2 or with VPVision and for VPVision the alarms can be directly configured via VPVision. The upper, lower or a combination of these boundaries can be set as the condition level for the alarm. Check out our application note VPFlowScope M Alarm output. This also shows how to set the alarm to an external actuator. VPVision has a more in-depth option than the VPFlowScope M, the advanced alarm which allows for complete customization of all conditions and parameters of the alarm. For a more detailed explanation of the advanced alarm check out chapter B6.2.2.


Updated on January 25, 2021

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