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G14-13. Cables for VPVision

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All electrical installations to be carried out by authorized electrical installation engineers only.

For Ethernet, Cat5e cables with 4 twisted pairs have to be used. For certain applications, a higher quality cable might be needed. In case of any doubt, it is best to consult the client on their existing cables in order to make sure that the VPVision cables match the prescribed standards. The cable should match the power budget of all the connected sensors. Longer cables will result in an increased cable resistance, which might cause issues when this is not properly addressed.

RS485 Modbus
For RS485 networks, cable with 2 shielded twisted pairs have to be used. One pair will be used to power the connected sensors. The other pair will be used for the Modbus data transfer. The quality of this cable depends on the length of the total Modbus chain and the number of sensors attached. The local contractor can help you calculate the correct copper wire thickness. Make sure the shield is connected on the power supply side only.

Analog sensors
For 4..20 mA. based sensors, a single or double twisted pair cable can be used. The same cable as for the Modbus sensor can be used to connect these sensors

Updated on January 25, 2021

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