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F5-4. Readout data logger

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1. Introduction

In this chapter we will cover:

  • How to read out the (optional) built-in data logger via VPStudio.
  • How to delete data in VPStudio.

2. Connect to VPStudio 

Follow chapter B1.3 for the assembly of your flow meter and installation of VPStudio if this is not yet done.



3. Readout the data logger 

VPStudio is the only program in which you can readout the data logger and export the data to your computer. The VPFlowScope can be read out through it’s USB port, which is located on the side next to the RS485 port.

3.1 Creating a project

Create a project to store your data on your computer. The advantage is that you can readout your data any time in VPStudio without connecting to the flowmeter to your PC again.

The steps are as follows:

VPStudio 2 create new project
1. Click on create a project.2. Fill in the specifications of your project.
3. Go back to data by clicking on data logger and on the data, then select the data session and your project.You can select multiple sessions to download, however, only sessions with the same tube diameter can be downloaded simultaneously.
4. Click download and fill in a session name.5. Close the pop-up window when the download is complete.
VPStudio 2 - Select project
6. Go to your project in the menu.7. select the session you want to export and click on export.
8. A new pop-up window will appear. Here you can select the measurands and units of your choice. You can export the average data by selecting the average box for a specific timestamp. Also be aware that you select the right reference conditions.9. Click export and choose a location for the csv.file.

Your data is now stored on your computer

4. Deleting your file

When you have been logging for a longer period of time, your VPStudio 2 screen will contain multiple projects. Those projects can be viewed without connecting your flowmeter.

To clean your VPStudio projects you can delete the projects.

Deleting the projects will also delete all of the data in VPStudio so please make a backup!

You can delete your data in 2 different ways:

1. Delete 1 session

Select 1 session and click delete

2. Delete all sessions in 1 project

Go to the overview page of the selected the project and click delete

5. Next Step

Your VPFlowScope need regular service, just like any other measuring instrument. But with the VPFlowScope M, calibration is a very quick and easy task: Just exchange the VPSensorCartridge and your VPFlowScope M is as good as new. For our other VPFlowScope annual calibration is recommended. In the next chapter, we will explain why and how you need to calibrate your VPFlowScope’s.

Next Step: H1. Re-calibration and service

Updated on January 25, 2021

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