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F3. Real-time readout VPStudio 2.0 software

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In this chapter, we will show you how to readout your flowmeter’s real-time data in VPStudio.

2. Connect to VPStudio 

Follow chapter C1.2  for assembly of your flow meter and installation of VPStudio if not yet done.

3. Real-time readout 

When your flow meter is connected correctly you can click on the drop-down menu of the COM port. There you will see a menu bar where you are able to click on “Realtime”.

VPStudio menu real-time

Clicking on this menu will show you the real-time data of your flow meter.

You are able to choose the measurement by clicking the units button. Here you can change the units for your flow, pressure, temperature, and totalizer.

When you click hide again, this screen will be closed and you will only see the real-time data.

The real-time values are shown on the screen.

VPStudio Realtime values

Updated on January 25, 2021

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