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F4. Real-time readout with Internal Web Server

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1. Introduction

In this chapter, we will show you how to readout your flowmeter in real-time with the Internal Web Server.

2. Connect to Internal Web Server 

Connect your flow meter to the Internal Web Server via Ethernet or Wi-Fi. Check chapter C1.3 for a full explanation of the assembly.

Connected flowscope to laptop

For Ethernet: follow chapter C7.

For Wi-Fi: follow chapter C8.

3. Real-time readout 

In the Internal Web Server menu go to “Measurement”. See the real-time data in the screen.

IWS menu measurment

IWS real-time measurement

4. Real-time readout via cell phone

Connect with the flow meter to the Wi-Fi network. Follow the same steps on your phone as with the PC to go to the Internal Web Server.

VPFlowScope M

5. Next Step

There are many ways to readout your VPFlowScope. Go to the next chapter to learn more about the readout of the datalogger. Besides servicing your equipment is key for a long lifetime and reliable measurement results, therefore service your equipment regularly.

Next step:

Updated on August 5, 2020

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