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E5. Wiring for air audits

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1. Introduction

For temporary measurements, for example air audits or quick testing of the equipment, we supply plug-and-play wiring. You just need the 24VDC power supply to power the device.

2. Wiring

TIP iconThe following table is both aplicable for the M12 connection as for the JB5 connection kit.
power socketTighten power socket
1. Prepare the power supply:

2. Select the right socket type for your country and place it on the power supply.

3. Tighten by sliding it.

4. Screw off the black protection cap from the M12 5-pin connector from the VPFlowScope Transmitter/ Display.5. Insert M12 connector of power supply in the M12 connector of the Transmitter/ Display.
6. Note the guidance pin!7. Fix by screwing the ring.
8. Plug the power supply into the power outlet.Do not use the power supply for permanent power! Do not use it outdoors, as it is not weatherproof!



Updated on July 29, 2020

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