E4. Ethernet wiring

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1. Introduction

This chapter will cover:

  • Matching cables for the M12-4 pin and the ethernet pin.

2. Overview M12 4-pin connector

Use the M12 4-pin connector. Remove the black protection cap.

Back Transmitter M12 4-pin


The M12 4-pin connector:

Icon M12 4-pin

M12 -4 pin Ethernet pin

Use of an industry-standard pin-out for Ethernet. The table above shows how to wire from an M12 to the RJ45 Ethernet plug. This is done via VPInstruments cable. 

3. Cabling details

Use the M12 to RJ45 Ethernet cable (can be a different color)

When creating your own cable: make sure that shielded twisted pair (STP) is used

Max length for all Ethernet cables: 150 meters.

4. Wiring scheme

When wiring your Ethernet be aware that there should also be a power supply. Otherwise, Ethernet will not work.

Therefore connect both the power supply and the Ethernet cable.

Electrical scheme power supply

Electrical scheme Ethernet


Updated on August 5, 2020

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