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D5. Assemble and install your insertion flow meter for fixed installation

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1. Introduction

In this chapter we will cover:

  • The set-up of the unique, proprietary safety cable for the VPFlowScope.
  • How to assemble the VPFlowScopes for fixed installation.
  • Insertion of an insertion type VPFlowScope in the pipeline.

2. Safety system overview and set-up

Schematic lock safety system

The insertion probes have a specially designed safety system. When tightened and installed correctly, a VPFlowScope can never exit the compression fitting due to the matching length of the safety cable.

2.1 Adjustable safety cable overview

safety system schematic

    1. Compression fitting: 0.5 inch. with Teflon ferrule.
    2. Safety plate: Used to connect the fitting and safety system.
    3. Auto brake: The safety cable can be slid through the auto brake system. Moving upwards is only possible when the safety lock is pushed downwards.
    4. Safety lock: A nut for locking and unlocking the safety release. Push the lockdown in order to release the safety cable.
    5. Safety cable: Connects on one end to the safety system and on the other end to the VPFlowScope.

2.2 Adjustable safety cable set-up

Schematic safety system step 1Schematic safety system step 2
Step 1

  1. Remove the compression fitting’s part on the long threaded end side.
  2. Place the safety plate over the compression fitting long threaded end.
Step 2

  1. Mount the nut, and close tight. Then mount the compression fitting’s Teflon rings and nut.
Never over-tighten the compression fitting, it might damage the probe.

3. Assemble your VPFlowScope M

Assembly VPFLowScope M step 2
Step 1

  1. Lift the safety cable.
  2. Slide the locking ring over the safety cable.
  3. Place the VPSensorCartridge through the locking ring into the compression fitting.
Step 2

  1. Mount the safety cable to the VPSensorCartridge, it should snap on completely.
  2. Move the locking ring upwards over the VPSensorCartridge and hold it in place.
Assembly VPFLowScope M step 3Total assembly VPFLowScope M schematic
Step 3

  1. Place the Transmitter on top of the assembly.
  2. Align the probe with the flow direction. Tighten the locking ring completely.
Step 4

The assembly should look like this. Check if the safety cable is secured.

4. Insert your VPFlowScope in the pipeline

4.1 VPFlowScope safety cable

VPFlowScope DP safety cable hooks
Step 1

  1. Keep the ball valve closed!
  2. Check if the safety system is locked.
  3. Mount the compression fitting in the ball valve (if applicable with VPFlowScope M).  Use Teflon tape or liquid sealant.
Step 2 (DP / Probe only)

Connect the safety cable to the sensor, by using the corresponding hooks and eyes. 

Step 3

  1. Keep your hand on top of the flow meter.icon warning - small and black When you install the VPFlowscope assembly into a pressurized system, you are about to experience temporary leakage and force trying to push out the VPFlowScope from the compression fitting. When the safety system is correctly installed, this is part of the normal procedure.
  2. Open the ball valve slowly and push the VPFlowScope assembly gently downwards.
  3. The probe tip should be in the center of the pipe.
  4. Tighten the compression fitting.
  Step 4

  1. Unscrew the safety lock and pull the safety cable tight.
  2. Tighten the safety lock.
  3. Align the flow direction. Alignment by eye is sufficient.

5. Next Step

When your flowmeter is assembled correctly and you have inserted it in your system it is time to take look at the electrical installation of your VPFlowScope.

Next Step: E1 Electrical installation

Updated on July 16, 2020

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