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D2. Installation of VPFlowScope In-line

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1. Introduction

In this chapter we cover:

  • The right specifications for installation of your In-line flow meter
  • How to properly make the installation point for the In-line flowmeter

2. Tubing kit

The VPFlowScope In-line can be ordered either with or without a tubing kit.

Without tubing kit:

The VPFlowScope In-line is delivered without the up- and downstream piping; the flowmeter has to be installed in between two BSP outer straight threaded pipe ends. Be aware: any diameter mismatch will result in higher inaccuracy.

With tubing kit:

The VPFlowScope in-line  is delivered with an optimized up- and downstream piping kit, to ensure at least 20 times the pipe diameter upstream length (for 0,5″ and 1″). Exception for the 2″ due to economical reasons, which is delivered with a 15 times upstream pipe length.

Tubing kits thread: BSP straight thread. NPT thread available upon request.

3. Assembly and installation

3.1 Assemble your VPFlowScope In-line with the tubing kit

Check the pipework and the O-rings, which are pre-mounted on the pipes. Apply a little O-ring grease to ease the mounting process. Gently screw the pipes into the flowmeter inlet, make sure that the threaded end reaches the bottom. For installation of the VPFlowScope In-line, the pipe needs to be cut. Mount the VPFlowScope In-line between the pipe ends. Use tri-clamps or similar adapters for quick installation and removal.

  • Do not use Teflon tape when connecting the pipe.
  • Make sure the pipe is completely inserted.


3.2 Installation of VPFlowScope In-line

The VPFlowScope In-line can be installed:

  1. In a continuous flow path;
  2. Including a bypass. Recommended for a system than cannot be easily decompressed, so you can take out the flow meter for re-calibration.

Continuous flow path: 

  1. Outlet tube
  2. Inlet tube
  3. Flowmeter including pipes. Check the total length
  4. Downstream length (check the piping table)
  5. Upstream length (check the piping table)

If no tubing kit: make sure that the pipe ends match BSP internal thread of the flow meter.

With bypass:

  1. Optional bypass
  2. Flowmeter total length including the pipes.

Create the bypass by:

  • Depressurize the pipe section.
  • Cut out the section of the corresponding length. Allow enough room to mount the meter in between; take at least 5x extra diameter in order to accommodate the ball valves.
  • Create the optional bypass with 3-way ball valves..
  • Add a small vent valve in the section to depressurize the section.

4. Next step

After you have installed your VPFlowScope In-line it is time to make the final electrical installations: E. Electrical installation


Updated on July 29, 2020

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