C8. Alarm settings

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1. Introduction

The Transmitter has a built-in alarm function. The alarm can be used for one measurand: flow, pressure or temperature.

In this chapter we will cover:

  • The alarm functions and setting possibilities.
  • How to adjust the settings via the Transmitter and VPStudio.

2. Alarm overview

An alarm is given when the programmed boundaries are crossed for a period of time longer than the hold period.

An alarm can be shown in various ways, depending on your flow meter and the settings:

  • On the Transmitter the red LED will turn on if an alarm is set;
  • You can read out the alarm status via Modbus (G8 Modbus);
  • You can use the analog output in alarm mode (C6 analog settings).
    It can be programmed via Transmitter, VPstudio.

The alarm settings can be adjusted on your PC, via VPStudio

2.1 Alarm boundries

Two boundaries can be set to give an alarm. When the signal is in the green zone, all is ok and the alarm will not be triggered. These boundries can only be set using a Modbus connection, it is not possible to set the boundries using the firmware itself.

graph alarm green zone


  • Alarm type: Compare with lower boundary:
    Lower boundary 7 bar (alert on low pressure).7 bar.
  • Alarm: Compare with both boundaries:
    Upper boundary.190°C
    Lower boundary.20°C


    • If the temperature is 191°C: alarm.
    • If the temperature is 189°C: no alarm.
    • If the temperature is 19°C : alarm!

2.2 Alarm counter

Alarm counter:

  • Counts the number of alarms.
  • The counter can be read out only via Modbus.
  • Reset the alarm counter via Transmitter or VPStudio.
  • Every 15 minutes the alarm counter is written to the internal memory. A power failure can result in missing data.

3. Adjusting via VPStudio software

3.1 Set Alarm

In VPStudio unfold the settings menu of the flow meter and select “Settings”.


Go to the tab: “Alarm”:

VPStudio alarm settings

At the Alarm mode: select the type of alarm, as in chapter 2.1 above.

Reset the Alarm Counter by:

  1. Pressing “Reset”.
  2. Press “Save”.

For each alarm, the right fields appear.

  • Fill in all of the fields, scroll down to see all the fields that are required.
  • Press “Save” to save the alarm.

Example Alarm mode: Compare to upper boundary:

VPStudio Settings - alarm upper boundary select

Scroll down for more options.


3.2 Show alarm in the analog output

Go to the tab “Analog output”:

VPStudio Settings - alarm 2

  1. Set I/O mode to Alarm.
  2. Press “Save”.

4. Adjusting via Modbus

It is possible to change the analog output to an alarm, go to chapter G8 for all the information about Modbus.

5. Next Step

For learning all about your flow meter, go to the next chapter: C10. Reset and Restart settings. 

Or go straight-away to the mechanical installation: D1. Select the right installation point. 


Updated on January 29, 2021

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