C7. Ethernet settings

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1. Introduction

The VPFlowScope M Transmitter has an Ethernet functionality to:

  • Communicatie via Modbus over TCP.  For more information chapter G8.

In this chapter we will cover:

  • The Ethernet settings.

2. Ethernet settings overview

The default settings are:

IP address192.168.1.100
Modbus port502*

* Fixed, cannot be changed.

For all devices in the same Ethernet network:

  • Keep Netmask and Gateway the same.
  • Keep IP address range the same (first 7 digits:

You can change the Ethernet settings when your IT department advises you to do so.

3. Adjusting manually via the Transmitter


In the Transmitter go to:
Menu >> Settings >>Connectivity >> Ethernet.


Use the up and down keys to navigate through all options. The highliighted area is the line that is selected and you are adjusting. Use Enter to go to the next line and Enter to save your setting.

You can always find the IP address of your flow meter in your display.

4. Adjusting via VPStudio software

In VPStudio unfold the settings menu of the flow meter and select ‘Settings’.



Go to the tab “Ethernet”.

VPStudio Ethernet settings

  1. Change the IP address, netmask and gateway address accordingly. Keep this the same for all devices.
  2. Click “Save”.

The Ethernet status tells you whether you have to establish the right wiring. If you connect via Ethernet and the status tells you “No carrier detected” go to chapter D4 for the instructions about Ethernet wiring.

5. Adjusting via Modbus

Changing the network settings via Modbus is not possible, the only way to change the network settings is via the transmitter, VPStudio.

6. Next Step 

Go directly to the next step in installing your flow meter.

Updated on January 25, 2021

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