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C3. Pipe diameter settings

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1. Introduction

The flow meter needs to know the exact inner pipe diameter to calculate from velocity to volume mass flow. Changing the diameter is only posible when the sensor is connected. In this chapter, we explain how to do this.

This can be adjusted in different ways depending on the device:

1. Via the Transmitter/display

2. Via the VPStudio software

3. Via Modbus


The diameter must be > 25mm and < 1016mm or > 1 inch and < 40inch.
Know where your data is stored! Especially important when you send your flow meter for re-calibration:

  • VPFlowScope M: The settings of the diameter will be transferred to the VPSensorCartridge immediately when the Transmitter is connected to the VPSensorCartridge.
  • VPFlowScope DP / Probe the settings are saved in the display.

2. Adjusting manually via the Transmitter/display

In the Transmitter/display:

VPInstrument Transmitter saving settings

Go to  Menu >> Settings >> Diameter.

  1. Then enter the inner pipe diameter, use Enter to go to the next digit.
  2. Finally, confirm by pressing ‘Enter’.

3. Adjusting via VPStudio software

In VPStudio unfold the menu settings of the flow meter and select Settings.

VPStudio unfold settings


In the installation tab, scroll down to environment settings.

VPStudio 2 diameter Settings

Program the diameter:

  1. Tube unit: Select the desired unit via the pull-down. (mm or inch)
  2. Tube diameter: Enter the precise inner pipe diameter.
  3. Press Save – corner right below.

4. Adjusting via Modbus

To set your inner pipe diameter via Modbus, go to Chapter G8.

5. Next Step

Or go the next step of setting up your VPFlowScope: setting up your communications. The VPFlowScope’s allow for different communication ways. We recommend you to use a communication protocol that you are familiar with or that is available within your factory:

For Modbus communication go to C5. RS486 – Modbus settings
For Analog communication go to C6. Analog settings
For Ethernet communication go to C7. Ethernet settings


Updated on January 25, 2021

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