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C2.2. VPFlowScope M display settings

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1. Introduction

The display can be adjusted to fit your application. In this chapter we cover:

  • Possible settings for the display
  • How to adjust the settings via the Transmitter and VPStudio
TIP iconEach programming manner gives you different possibilities. So read the entire chapter to learn all the options. 

2. Display Overview

2.1 Rows

The default rows are:

The rows of the options can be adjusted to fit your application best. Each row can be adjusted to any of the options:

MeasurandAvailable unitsDescription
EmptyLeaves a row empty. E.g. if you want only 1 or 2 rows in the display
All flow & velocities are under normalized conditions (DIN 1343)
Pressurebar (g)
psi (g)
Normalized to 0 degrees oC, 1013,25mbar

2.2 Display orientation

The Transmitter can be mounted anyway on the VPSensorCartridge. You also have the ability to change orientation on the display.

3. Adjusting manually via the Transmitter

The options can be found at: Menu >> Settings >> Display

Use the up and down keys to navigate through all options. The highlighted line is the selected line that you are adjusting. Use Enter to go to the next line and Enter to save your setting.

In the next step, you will learn about the date & time settings in the next chapter.

C4. Date & Time settings

Or set up your communication via your preferred communication protocol:


Updated on January 25, 2021

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