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C2.1. VPFlowScope M Transmitter

Reading Time: 2 minutes - Video Time: 2:58 minutes

1. Introduction

In this chapter, we will explain all the functionalities of the Transmitter from the
VPFlowScope M.

2. Explanation of Transmitter

VPInstruments Transmitter overview

    1. Display with 3 rows for real-time data.
      Includes a flow indicator when flow or velocity is shown in the display.
      Includes Transmitter status icons for feedback on the flow meter’s status.
    2. Keypad with 4 buttons:
      Menu/Enter: To enter the (sub)menu or to confirm a setting;
      Escape/Record: Will start a data logging session when in the data acquisition screen;
      Button up and down: Navigate up and down in the menu;
    3. USB interface for connecting the Transmitter to the computer and VPStudio 2 software. Remove the metal IP65 protection e.g. with a small coin or screwdriver.
    4. 3 LEDs for status indication of Transmitter;VPInstruments Transmitter back
    5. Green M12 4-pin d-coded connector for Ethernet. Remove black cap before use;
    6. Connector for VPSensorCartridge. Remove red cap before use;
    7. Black M12 5-pin a-coded connector contains power input, an analog output, and a Modbus interface. Remove black cap before use.


Each connector: leave the cap on if not in use.

  • This is for protection against dust
  • The metal protection for the USB connector is IP65. Tighten firmly to maintain IP rating!

3. Display

Default settings for 3 row display
(as in the picture):

  • Flow in m3n/hr
  • Pressure in bar
  • Temperature in °C

4. LED indication

The status of the instrument is indicated by 3 LED’s with various colors and patterns:

Transmitter LED indication

 GreenBlinking every 2 sec.The Transmitter is searching for a VPSensorCartridge.
 GreenOnVPSensorCartridge detected and ready for operation.
 Orange Blinking fastRS485 or USB communication.
 Red OnActive alarm.
 Red Blinking every 1 sec.Error in VPSensorCartridge, read error code via display or Modbus.
 Red Blinking onceError in RS485 or USB communication.

5. Menu

Use the key buttons to navigate.

 Menu level 1Menu level 2Menu level 3
 1. Settings1. Diameter1. mm
2. inch
2. Display1. Orient
2. Theme
3. Page units1. Page 0
2. Page 1
3. Page 2
4. Date & Time
5. Connectivity1. Modbus
2. RS485
3. Analog
4. Ethernet
2. Info / about1. Sensor info
3. Device1. Reset totalizer
2. Restart
3. Factory reset

 6. Next Step

The next step is the configuration of the VPFlowScope M display

Next Step: C2.2. VPFlowScope M display settings


Updated on January 25, 2021

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