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B12. Reset and Restart settings

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1. Introduction

In this chapter we will cover:

  • What the reset and restart options cover.
  • How to perform these actions via the Transmitter or VPStudio 2.

2. Definitions

Factory reset: resets the device back to the factory default settings. This includes deleting all data log sessions and it can be performed via:

  • Transmitter.
  • VPStudio 2.

Restart: restarts the flow meter. It can be performed via:

  • Transmitter.

3. Adjusting manually via the Transmitter

2.1 Factory reset

Go to the Menu >> Factory reset.

Confirm the reset by pressing up and down button simultaneously.

Transmitter factory reset

Warning: a factory reset will remove all of the recorded data!

2.2.  Restart

Go to the Menu >> Restart.

Enter to start Restart.

Transmitter - Restart

4. Adjusting via VPStudio 2 software

Factory reset only.

In VPStudio 2 unfold the settings menu of the flow meter and select “Settings”.


Go to the last tab “Miscellaneous”:

  1. At Factory reset: press “Reset device to factory settings”. 
  2. Then press “Save”.


5. Adjusting via the Internal Web Server

A factory reset is not possible via the Internal Web Server, in order to perform a factory reset use the transmitter of make use of VPStudio 2.

Updated on July 29, 2020

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