C10. Data logger settings

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VPStudio preparation



1. Introduction

In this chapter we will cover:

  • What the reset and restart options cover.
  • How to perform these actions via the Transmitter/display or VPStudio.

2. Definitions

Factory reset: resets the device back to the factory default settings. This includes deleting all data log sessions and it can be performed via:


Restart: restarts the flow meter. It can be performed via:


3. Adjusting manually via the Transmitter / display

3.1 Factory reset

Go to the Menu >> Factory reset.

Confirm the reset by pressing the up and down button simultaneously.

Warning: a factory reset will remove all of the recorded data from the device!

2.2.  Restart

Go to the Menu >> Restart.
Go to the Menu >> Advanced >> Reset .

Press “Enter” to start to restart the device.

The reset option is also required when updating the display firmware.

4. Adjusting via VPStudio 2 software

Factory reset only, VPFlowScope M only.

In VPStudio 2 unfold the settings menu of the flow meter and select the “Settings” option.


Go to the last tab on the page “Miscellaneous”:

  1. At Factory reset: press “Reset device to factory settings”. 
  2. Then press “Save”.

5. Next step

Now that you finished the communications settings the next step is the mechanical installation of the flow meter.

Updated on January 25, 2021

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