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C. Flow meter Communication & Settings

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In this chapter B, Communication and Settings, we will cover all different possibilities on how to communicate and program your flow meter.

We will start with basic wiring to programming your flow meter. There are different ways of programming your VPFlowScopes, keep in mind that not every instrument can be programmed with every method, there are some limitations on the VPFlowScopes. The 3 possible ways of programming your VPInstruments equipment are:

1. Manually via the Transmitter / Display
2. Via the VPStudio software
3. Using Modbus

The VPFlowScope’s can be programed via there corresponding display/ Terminal, this is explaned in dept in chapter: C2. VPFlowScope Transmitter / display

We will provide an overview of the different VPFlowScopes with all of their correspondings options.

VPFlowScope M
VPFlowScope DP
VPFlowScope Probe
VPFlowScope In-line
All VPInstruments insertion meters

The next chapters all cover one of the settings for the communication protocols. We will cover:

  • Setting details
  • Programming per programming manner.
Updated on January 25, 2021

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