A1. Safety first

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Before you start using your VPInstruments flow meter it is important to read all of the warnings first to prevent time-consuming problems. Confirm with yourself the knowledge below.

Compressed air can be dangerous!

Please familiarize yourself with the forces under pressurized conditions. Respect the local guidelines and regulations for working with pressurized equipment.

Gas flow through pipes follows certain physical laws.

These physical laws have serious consequences for the installation requirements. Familiarize yourself with the basic physical laws of flow measurement, to make sure that the product is installed correctly. Always make sure that upstream length, downstream length, flow, pressure, temperature and humidity conditions are within the given specifications.

Precision instruments need maintenance.

Check your flow meter regularly and make sure it remains clean. When polluted, gently clean the sensor using de-mineralized water or cleaning alcohol.

Not intended for fiscal metering or billing.

Our flow meters are not certified for fiscal metering. Law’s on fiscal metering and billing may vary per country and/ or state.

Do not overestimate the results. VPInstruments does not take any responsibility for the correctness of measurement results under field conditions.

The practical measurement uncertainty of a flow meter in the field may vary, depending on how well it is installed, due to the nature of the gas flow. The piping table provides guidelines on how to optimize field accuracy. Our products are not intended to be used as a single means to determine compressor capacity.

Do not open the device.

Our instruments are assembled with high precision. Opening this device is dangerous and may destroy or cause permanent damage to the instrument. The warranty is voided when the instrument is opened.

Feedback leads to product improvement.

Please share your experience with us, as we are continuously improving our products in our commitment to quality, reliability, and ease of use. Let us know via sales@vpinstruments.com.

TIP iconWet air measurements

The VPFlowScope DP is designed for use in wet air applications. However, the VPFlowScope DP is NOT a water or multiphase flow meter. A to high water content which causes flooding of the compressed air network will damage the instrument.

Stabilization time.

When exposed to large pressure changes, the sensor element needs to stabilize. This takes up to 15 minutes. During this time, readings may have a large error. This is especially applicable for the VPFlowScope DP as it is a differential pressure sensor.

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Now you are ready to learn more about your VPInstruments product. First, the communication settings are discussed.

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Updated on May 4, 2020

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