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A. Getting Started

Reading Time: 2 minutes - Video Time: 2:40 minutes

TIP iconBe aware that the new version of VPVision has just released, for more information about VPVision 5.2 can be found in the user manual

Welcome to the VP Academy. We are proud to introduce our new online learning platform. In the VP Academy, we will cover all the instructions and information about our products, and each chapter will cover different functionalities of our flowmeters, software programs, and other products. The VP Academy will show you how, when and where VPInstruments products can be used.

The great advantages of the online VP Academy are that you will be able to learn in your own time and at your own pace. We will guide you through all the steps of using your VPInstruments products in such a way that it is understandable for you. We advise you to read through the VP Academy carefully to familiarize yourself with our products first before you go into the field. The information on the VP Academy starts out with the fundamental steps but also gives in-depth knowledge for a better understanding of the products. The design of the VP Academy enables you to quickly look for something specific as it provides complete training.

The VP Academy is a work in progress and will be expanded over time with more and more products. Today you will find all the information about our VPFlowScope M, VPStudio 2, VPVision, VPFlowScope DP, VPFlowScope In-line, and the VPFlowScope Probe. The latest product we have added to the VP Academy is an update to the VPFlowScope M, more products will follow soon.

The structure of the VP Academy is as follows; the chapters contain all the information and those chapters are separated into subchapters. We did our best to make navigation as quick as possible. Here are some tips!

  1. Menu: here you can find all the chapters and subchapters. Double click to open the main chapter A, B, C, etc. And a single click to open a subchapter.
  2. Reading time: this gives an indication of how long the text of the specific subchapter is. Video time: gives the length of the video, when a video is included.
  3. Applicable for: tells you for which products the text is applicable for. Even better: when you click on a product, you will get an overview of all chapters related to this particular product. 
  4. Video: some subchapters have an extra video with tips and tricks on how to install, or use something.
  5. Quick links: these are links related to the content and they give you quick access to other chapters.

We hope you will enjoy learning all about our products, and that you will be able to create easy insight into your energy flows.


Updated on January 25, 2021

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